09-05-1980 Seapoint Ballroom, Galway

Attendance, unknown
Support The Fuze & Myster Men
Admission, £1.50 & £2.00 on the door

Picture from the Fuze cd “A Blast From The Past”

This tour was a short warm up tour of Ireland, before the band left for their first major tour of the UK.

Set; 11 O’clock Tick Tock, Twilight, Another Day, Out of Control, Stories for Boys, Boy/Girl 

U2 open there set with their new single, 11 O’Clock Tick Tock on this tour.

The Fuze are; a local Galway band; Pat Coyne (vocals), David Fitzgerald (guitar), Michael Staunton (bass), Mike Arrigan (drums), John Fitzpatrick (keyboards), Paul Gaughan (guitar).
The Fuze would go on to win the 1980 Tramore “Battle Of The Bands”, this gave them a record deal with Mulligan Records. They would release two singles and a retrospective full album.

The Myster Men are; Dublin band; Fred Penney (vocals), Frank Kearns (guitar), Dave Boardman (bass), Eric Briggs (drums).

10-05-1980 Town Hall, Ballina, Ireland Attendance, 60 approx
Support Myster Men
Admission, £2.00

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Set; includes 11 O’Clock Tick Tock, Another Day, Twilight, Out Of Control, Stories For Boys, Boy/Girl.

The Myster Men are; a Dublin band; Fred Penney (vocals), Frank Kearns (guitar), Dave Boardman (bass), Eric Briggs (drums).

Review by Eilsh Ward It was U2’s first visit to Ballina, a town were pop, disco, counrty music & alcohol still reign supreme. And it was proberly their last time here – in fact it could be the last time a decent rock band will ever play in this town.
The night started badly with 60 or so young people scattered in pockets around the huge empty hall. There was a significant paucity of over 18’s.
But Bono didn’t let this defeat him & he took to the stage with almost savage frenzy. Without even an introduction he sped into the first song, enticing the crowd to dance, to become part of the music, to lose themselves.
And he kept on trying, “Out of control”, “Boy Girl” – all their brilliant numbers. He rolled on the stage, joined the boppers on the floor, whipping them along & giving it all he had. U2’s performance was top class & it was heartening to see such music going down in a town which has seen only the Cheeters & Berlin in the last year. But the night ended in disaster which overode the pleasure of the gig.
When it was all over, encores done with & the crowd dribbling out, a row started.
Roadie, Pat O’Driscoll defending the band’s gear got caught up in it. His head was smashed against the wall, he was kicked in the back & stomach as he lay there. News of the fight reached Bono & the band backstage & they lost no time in getting out to intervene.
Within seconds, the back of the hall was a mess of rolling bodies. Bono got a chair cracked on his back. Adam’s glasses were smashed on the floor. The bouncers tried to mediate but it was useless as the rual bootboys turned their aggression onto the innocent U2. The rock n roll dream had turned sour for them.
The cops were called & tails between their legs, Pat was taken by ambulance to the local hospital, thankfully there was no major damage.
In the dressingroom afterwards, the band tried to figured out what had happened & why. Bono was annoyed, not because the gig was ruined or that he had been bashed about, but because such things still go on. He lay on the ground repeating “I can’t believe it”. Before the fight he had talked about trying to break the tradition of the show bands, trying to show young people they don’t have to follow the standards set by brothers & sisters. He thought their appearance in Ballina might help. Ten people, he thought, is enough to consitute an audience. And then some of that audience had turned vicious on them.
Has anyone an explanation?
The West had never been the home of anything other than the Nashville & Castleblaney beat. But the worrying question is will this ever change? U2 made a start & they were literally & metaphorically, kicked in the face.
After Saturday night’s spectacle, it would be easy to say that towns like this don’t deserve ever to be visited by rock bands. Because you can’t weed out the Getin Boys & you can’t go on running gigs at huge losses with the latent threat of mindless upsurges of violence.
Bono was doubtful that he would ever come back to Ballina. And he doubted that other bands would, on hearing the news. The promoter was doubtful that he could afford the risk of any more gigs. many of the supporters doubted they would waste £2 for a re-hash of Saturday night’s scence.
It seems that Ballina, & May can be scratched off the circuit. Big Tom is still king.
Join the army (and beat up rock groups).
Two Ballina youths, Peter Moore and John Howley, were fined £9.50 each in the local court last week for assault on members of U2 following a gig in the town in May 10th last.
A mayor row erupted after the gig, resulted in road crew member Pat O’Driscoll being brought to hospital but he was later discharged suffering from cuts and bruises. It emerged in the court that the row began when one of the road crew, who had tried to clear the stage, was jostled and pushed by some of the audience. A second roadie was given the same treatment when he went to check the equipment which, it was started, was being tampered with.
Moore claimed that he got innocently caught up in the fight and when one of the crew called him a “black so and so” a fight ensued.
None of the band members or the crew appeared in court and their case was presented by the D.P.P.
The two accused are both in the army on a three year contract which will not be renewed for certain mis-demeanours, including being fine £10 or over. With this in mind the justice fined them £9.50 saying “tell them they got off light, but I wouldn’t like to ruin their army careers” Eilish Ward
11-05-1980 Garden Of Eden Club, Tullamore Attendance, unknown
Support Myster Men, Tom Curtins Disco
Admission, unknown

Set; 11 O’Clock Tick Tock, Speed Of Light, The Magic Carpet, Another Time Another Place, The Dream Is Over, The Electric Co, Cartoon World, Things To Make And Do, Touch, Stories For Boys, Shadows And Tall Trees, Pete The Chop, Boy/Girl, Out Of Control, Encore  Another Day, 11 O’Clock Tick Tock

The Myster Men are; Dublin band; Fred Penney (vocals), Frank Kearns (guitar), Dave Boardman (bass), Eric Briggs (drums).

This venue was formally known as the Central Ballroom, bands such as Horslips played here.

I’m not sure if this gig took place at the Garden Of Eden or the Home of the Tullamore Harriers. Frank Kearns seems to remember playing at the Harriers, but the adverts as you can see have the venue as the Garden Of Eden.

The Garden of Eden was previously known as the Central Ballroom. U2 did indeed play there in 1980. There was a very small crowd there that night. Bono’s wife (girlfriend at the time) and one or two others were standing at the side of the ballroom watching the band when a couple of scraps started (as usual) Bono stopped playing and pleaded from the stage with those who were fighting but it fell on deaf ears.
It’s fair to say more people were watching the fights than watching the band. After a few minutes the band started again and the two doormen did their best and threw out the trouble makers one or two I know who shall remain nameless as they are fine upstanding citizens today.
12-05-1980 Blue Lagoon, Sligo Attendance, unknown
Support Myster Men
Admission, £2.00

U2 contract for the Blue lagoon

Set; includes 11 O’Clock Tick Tick, Twilight, Boy/Girl, Stories For Boys, Another Day

U2 are paid £291 for tonight’s show, their contract states that they will get paid £200 or 70% of the nights takings, Paul McGuinness is paid in cash. This is the last of show U2 perform at the Blue Lagoon in 1980.

The Blue Lagoon was demolished in 2012, and a night club complex was built in it’s place.

The Myster Men are; Dublin band; Fred Penney (vocals), Frank Kearns (guitar), Dave Boardman (bass), Eric Briggs (drums).

14-05-1980 Showboat, Waterford Attendance, unknown
Support Myster Men
Admission, unknown Set; includes 11 O’Clock Tick Tock, Out Of Control, Boy/Girl, Another Day, Twilight, Stories For Boys

The Myster Men are; Dublin band; Fred Penney (vocals), Frank Kearns (guitar), Dave Boardman (bass), Eric Briggs (drums).

U2 are incorrectly listed as U Two in the local press.

​Adam on stage at the Showboat, image supplied by Neil Power

15-05-1980 N.I.H.E, Limerick Attendance, unknown
Support Myster Men
Admission, unknown Neither Frank or Eric (Myster Men) remember playing this gig in Limerick. It’s believed that the gig was cancelled because of an interview Bono & The Edge gave to the Irish Press on the morning of the Stadium gig back in February.

This is a section of an interview Bono gave the Irish Press back in February that may have angered the Limerick promoters.

What kind of reaction had the band being getting while on tour? “Overall, the tour has been going very well, though in some places the reaction has been strained. In Limerick we played a hall with a capacity of 1500, but only 400 turned up and they were all boot-boys just out for a fight. However, we were really pleased with Cork and Galway. In Galway we played the Leisureland and over 2000 people came to see us; it was great”.

The Myster Men are; Dublin band; Fred Penney (vocals), Frank Kearns (guitar), Dave Boardman (bass), Eric Briggs (drums).

16-05-1980 St John’s C.Y.M.S. Hall, Tralee Attendance, unknown
Support Myster Men
Admission, £2.00

Set; includes 11 O’Clock Tick Tock, Out Of Control, Boy/Girl, Another Day, Twilight, Stories For Boys

The Myster Men are; Dublin band; Fred Penney (vocals), Frank Kearns (guitar), Dave Boardman (bass), Eric Briggs (drums).

Frank Kearns was also at Mountemple School with U2, (a friend of Larry’s) he is also the “Frank” in “Frankie Corpse & the Undertakers.

The Myster Men recorded a 3 track demo that was produced by Bono, with Bono on backing vocals the tracks are; No More Idols, Fantasy Dream, I Should Have Known Better.

Eric Briggs was U2’s drum tech from 1978 to 1980, see U2 By U2. He also stood in at rehearsals for Larry when Larry could not make it due to his 9 – 5 job. At this time Bono was talking of Eric being the permanent drummer with U2, although Eric never stood in for Larry at a concert.
The Myster Men were tipped as the next big thing by “Zig Zag” magazine. Eric informs me that the band are friends to this day, but they have no idea were Dave is, if you happen to see this Dave, please get in touch.

U2 open there set with their new single, 11 O’Clock Tick Tock on this tour.

17-05-1980 Downtown Kampus, Cork Attendance, unknown
Support Myster Men
Admission, unknown

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Set; includes 11 O’Clock Tick Tock, Out Of Control, Boy/Girl, Another Day, Twilight, Stories For Boys

This will be U2’s last show at the Arcadia Ballroom.

The Myster Men are; Dublin band; Fred Penney (vocals), Frank Kearns (guitar), Dave Boardman (bass), Eric Briggs (drums).