UCD concert poster featuring Thr Undertones, Revolver, Radiators, The Vipers & The Gamblers. Belfield’s Burnin’ Poster, supplied by Sean O’Neil
25/06/1977 Belfield Bar University College, Dublin
A concert organize by the Radiators From Space pulling together Ireland’s top “punk” bands, including the Undertones from Northern Ireland.
A late addition to the bill are the Vipers from Dublin, this will be their first concert.
Belfield “Burnin'” Punk Festival

Pictured left Dave Moloney, (The Vipers), Kav Kav (Boy Scoutz), Pete Holidai (Radiators), Phil Byrne (Revolver), Dick & Johnny (Skank Mooks), Bren Lynott (The End), Uncle Karl (Hot Press & DJ).

Enough has been said and written about this concert, I’m not going too add to it here. I have just included a few quotes from the people that were there on the night.

Some of the leading players in the Dublin "Punk" scene. Dave, Kav Kay, Pete, Phil, Dick, Johnny, Bren Lynott & Uncle Karl
Belfield Line up
The Vipers
The Vipers 1st line up Ray Ellis, Dave Moloney, Paul Boyle, Paul Cusack. The Vipers graffitti can still be seen today
The Gamblers
I have no photo's of the Gamblers. I have no photo’s of the Gamblers.
Revolver Kevin Helly, Phil Byrne, Johnny Sullivan, Billy Morley. Early publicity shot
Radiators From Space
Early publicity shot of the Radiators From Space. Mark, Steve, Phil, Pete, Jimmy
The Undertones
The Undertones
Memories Of Stephen Rapid
Following the trauma of the fatal stabbing of Patrick Coultry 42 years ago at the Belfield concert in UCD, the band were largely in a state of shock and disarray. We considered breaking up in the aftermath but received some strong council that there was nothing we, as band, could have done to prevent the stabbing.
So, when the NME published their cover story on the event we felt that the sensationalised nature of the cover was not what we had expected from a music paper that we considered an ally; A fact that filtered into the lyrics of ‘Enemies’. We became scapegoats. We were tarred and feathered by the press, and punk become more of a dirty word in Ireland than ever.
The event had a direct influence on the band recording the TV Tube Heart album somewhat ahead of time and the subsequent move to the London. To a certain degree, we had to relinquish our Irish identity, something we had stood strongly behind. In a weird way, this was the beginning of the band, and also the beginning of the end. .
Pictured is the NME cover, using photos by Nigel Averill.
Then a shot from the paper of Phil and I at the gig. The negatives were lost, likely not returned by the NME. .
Lastly, the NME article itself. .
This event has been written about in detail in various places, such as broadsheet.ie, Brand New Retro, UCD Hidden History and Come Here To Me. Phil Chevron & Stephen Averill on stage @ UCD. Phil & Steve on Stage English music paper New Musical Express front page. NME front page supplied by Steve.
Memories from those that were there

Dave Moloney

Just to clear a few things up. 1. Stiff Little Fingers did NOT play at the punk fest in UCD in the late 70s! 2.The Vipers were NOT causing trouble ‘as usual’ as it was our 1st gig! 3. The 1st song we played that night was Let Me Be Your Car. Which I thought was hilarious because it was a Rod Stewart/Elton John duet. The very people the ‘punks’ were giving out about. 4. The lad who lost his life (RIP) was stabbed during our 3rd song on the night which unfortunately was a cover of John Lee Hookers ‘Too Young To Die!’ 5.The Vipers were cleared of all charges even though every eye witness report said one of us jumped off stage! The person jumping off stage was Pete Holidai who then became chief suspect and all he was doing was trying to calm the crowd down! ‘COOL IT!’ ‘COOL IT! I remember! 6.Any band members still at the gig were held in the toilets till 5 in the morning!!! The Undertones were completely segregated simply because they were from Northern Ireland! On a lighter note Steve Rapid/Avril gave me unofficial ‘man of the match’ award as best drummer on the night! TA.

Dave Moloney former Boomtown Rats drummer. Dave Maloney, pre Vipers Revolver on stage @ Moran's Hotel, Dulin Revolver @ Moran’s Hotel. Photo supplied by Kevin Helly.

Mark Megaray: (Radiators from Space) “it was the first punk gig where all the new wave bands in Dublin had been assembled to play in one place. There was great hope for it but it just deteriorated because of a rowdy element just into causing trouble and not interested in music. The police said they found about 19 knives after the gig that had been discarded after the guy had been murdered”.

Jude Carr (Co Editor of Heat) I was wearing a t-shirt “the silver savage destroys the chains of evil” cops took it and returned it with a piece cut out. (Richard Hell vibe) I got up enough courage to ask lovely Iseult out as we sat in court awaiting witness time…every cloud..?

Kevin Helly (Revolver) “……. but two gigs stand out in my mind.
The first, for all the wrong reasons, was Belfield ’77. A young man was stabbed and subsequently died. Pete Holidai, John Sullivan and I where instructed to attend the Donnybrook Garda Station the following Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for questioning. This despite the fact that they had their prime suspect the previous Sunday. It was scary”.
Phil Chevron “The Irish press were talking about incitement to violence, which was rubbish, because the stabbing happened about five minutes after the first band came on – which didn’t give them much time to do any inciting.
“We weren’t on stage till about two hours after the thing, so we were nothing to do with it – all the fury came on to us because we were the best known band, and organised the gig”.
“We went around in a daze telling people it was our last gig, but that was just reaction at the time – everybody was tired and emotional.”
“Everybody was under suspicion – they were sure one of the bands had done it”.
Mark Megaray “For the next six days we were at the police station every night till two in the morning, going over and over the same statements. It was ridiculous – the local police station became a kind of punk gallery. Every night there were about 30 people there – all the bands and fanzine writers. A bit like the Vortex. Belfield University College Dublin before the Belfield Burnin' gig The quite before the storm. Jude Carr & Pete Price before the concert. Phil Chevron @ Belfield University College Dublin. Phil Chevron rehearsing before the gig

Many thanks to Stephen Averill for his kind permission to use his photo’s on this page. Unless stated all photo’s are from Stephen.

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