New Heroes

Dublin/London 1979 – 1981

Line up;
Tony Pugh Guitar & Vocals
Carol Walters Guitar
Mick Nolan Bass
Bernie Walsh Drums
Picture from Hot Press The New Heroes were formed after the “Dream Date” tour in 1979. All three bands, The Boy Scoutz, The Sinners & Fabulous Fabrics all split up when the tour finished, after a short break, the Fabulous Fabrics did carry on gigging without Mick. Bernie & Tony were from the Sinners, Carol was from the Boy Scoutz & Mick was from the Fabulous Fabrics. They began playing live in early 1980.
The New Heroes did go to London and play some gigs sometime during 1980, I believe this may have been between the end of their “Magnet” residency in May & the start of their “Sportsmans” residency in August. Gig Guide
09/01/1980 Mississippi Rooms, Bray

Through April & May 1980 the New Heroes had a residency at the Magnet Bar.

09/04/1980 Tonight was the first of the Boddi-s gigs in the Magnet, the worthwhile alternative promotion run by Vinnie Murphy and Philip Mullen. Headling was the New Heroes, the “supergroup” constructed from the remnants of the Dream Dates Trio. And “supergroup” they are too, the end result being better than the sum of the three parts. The New Heroes comprise of Tony Pugh & Bernie Walsh of the Sinners, Mick Nolan (Fabrics) and Carol Walters (ex Boy Scout).
The other two bands playing tonight were the Spurts, a boring and contrived punk band drawn from Dublin no hopers the Double Agents & the Letters, and The End, who on this occasion disappointed. It was the first bad gig I’ve seen them play, and an inevitable internal crisis was the result. Now they’ve got the bummer over with, they will progress, with a vinyl statement due soon.
The similarities between the New Heroes and the Blades become all the more striking with every viewing, especially Pugh’s vocals – very Cleary. The 2 bands vocalists share the same musical taste in Motown and ‘50’s – ‘60’s pop, but this no Gillette G2 Twin Blade(s) effort – the New Heroes have enough going for them anyway. Carol’s old dirty guitar still buzzes and rips all over the place. One annoying thing about the New Heroes is their inconsistency – I’ve seen them playing really badly, but tonight all the looseness added to their charm – the lines you can’t stop singing all the next day – “I don’t know your name” (for Horst Hrusbesch), “Don’t wanna let you go” and “You’re the only one”. A hilarious cover of Iggy Pop’s “Summer Is Sin” is delivered, but their own songs got better, especially “First Kiss” and “Joe 90”.
The Boddi-s line up changes every week, so far the Low, Human Dance Faction, Red Alert, Spurts, System X, Chant Chant Chant, New Heroes and Of Xerox have played under the banner of Boddi-s, and over 30 small bands have rung Philip & Vinnie. As a showcase for young talent it’s unrivalled, and you should go and see what’s coming up. Every Tuesday, 100p. Gerard Siggin

In August 1980 they had a residency at The Cave, Sportsman’s Inn, Dublin

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