The Fast @ Howth Community Centre left to right Frank Kearns, Dave Boardman with Larry Mullen on drums. Photograph supplied by Frank Kearns.

The Fast
Howth 1978 – 1979 Line Up;
Dave Boardman Vocals (R.I.P.)
Frank Kearns Lead guitar
Stephan Ryan Bass
Eric Briggs Drums

The Fast @ Howth supporting U2 After the brake up of Frankie Corpse & The Undertakers, (Frank was kicked out of the band by Neil & Ivan, when they changed the bands name too the Modulators). Strangely Neil had had badges made for the new band with Franks image on them. Frank Kearns formed “The Fast”.
They would regularly play the Howth Community Centre. Supporting U2 and sometimes with Larry Mullen Jr sitting in on drums.
The Fast were a Ramones covers band, maybe the first. Frank was first in line to see the Ramones concert at the State cinema in Phibsboro, he fell in love with “Rock Music” at this concert. Like most cinema’s the floor sloped down towards the (screen/stage), when the band came on the first 5 or 6 rows of seats were soon trashed.Frank would later meet his hero Joey Ramone at The Ritz in New York, while touring with Cactus World News. Joey made Franks day when he informed him that he loved their music. Eric Briggs was U2’s drum tech from 1978 to 1980. He stood in at rehearsals for Larry when Larry could not make it due to his 9 – 5 job. Eric maintains that he never played drums for U2 at any gigs.
Eric informs me that the band are friends to this day, but they have no idea were Dave is, if you happen to see this Dave, please get in touch.
Frank Kearns was in several other Dublin bands before the The Fast and now runs the “Dublin Rock School”
The Fast morphed into the Myster Men when Stephan left, (he would later be in “Stars Of Heaven”) Dave moved to bass and Fred Penny joined on vocals.
The Fast played with U2 twice at the Dandelion Market, at this time the date of the second concert is not known. They also shared the bill with U2 at the Howth Community Centre, again the date of this concert is not known. Gig Guide;

12/05/1979 Dandelion Market, Dublin with U2, Martin Egan23/06/1979 RDS Dublin Commercial Music Festival. First prise was a £2,000 recording contract, bands that took part included Freebird, High n Dry, Alcove, Shyder Rossa, Noel Brazil, Terra Nova. I don’t know which band won the competition.

Many thanks to Eric, Tony & Frank for their help with this page. All the photo’s supplied by Frank Kearns.

Where Are They Now?

Demo’s & Recordings

At this time it is not known if this band recorded any demo tapes.

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