The Fashions

Dublin 1978 – 1982

Brian Maguire Vocals
Gerry Stevenson Lead Guitar
Paul Egan Rhythm Guitar
Paul Ash Browne Bass
Dave Ryman Drums
The Fashions
Gig Guide 03/12/1978 The Grapevine, Dublin
15/12/1978 Carpenters, Carlow
23/12/1978 Carpenters, Carlow
24/12/1978 Slip Inn, Tullow
15/04/1979 Fighting Cock Carlow
04/05/1979 O’Connors, Borris
28/12/1979 El Ruedo, Carlow
10/05/1980 Corcoran’s
From May to August 1980 the band had a residency at the International Bar, Dublin.
From June to October 1980 the Fashions had a residency at the Parliament Inn, Dublin.
28/06/1980 International Bar, Dublin Hot Press review by Bill Graham In the same tradition as such monuments of Irish culture as the Strangelys and Eyeless, The Fashions are literate semi amateur smartasses who take an affectionate revenge on country music and whatever other targets are within their slights. Well what would you make of a band that write songs like “The Angels Stole My Racehorse Away”?
The Fashions certainly write the most observant lyrics of any band in Ireland today. They equally satirise “The Problems of Young Bands” and young punks – “Hot Press Photograph” – both sets of victims being anatomised with the same clear sighted accuracy. It’s their musical language and motivation that’s more debatable.
Having their quota of students and young teachers, the Fashions may not be inclined to throw away their security for the perils of professionalism. Yet unless they do, it’s difficult to predict any major expansion in their music, which currently rarely extends beyond mock country rock and punk pastiche. Too often the Fashions play with and at rock, rather than play it.
Part of their restrictions is due to the venue. The International offers the most cramped of stages so they’ve no room for theatrics particularly if one of their guitarists is compelled to sit idly by his amp.
Coming out into the open, the Fashions will find out their faults soon enough. Meantime, the International Bar is worth a Saturday evening visit. 18/07/1980 Project Arts Centre, Dublin
20/12/1980 International Bar, Dublin
​27/12/1980 International Bar, Dublin

Where Are They Now?

Demo’s & Recordings

7″ All I own In Dublin (Are The Bars)/The Secrets Of Young Brides, Scoff Records DT18 1982 (P/S).

Both sides of this single appeared on the RTE Records LP’s Non Stop Pop & Non Stop Pop vol:2 in 1982.

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