Origins Of Dublin "Punk" 1970 - 1976

Bent Fairy & The Punks featuring The Punkettes (apox 1970)

Line up
Steve Averill Vocals, Pete Hamilton Vocals, Billy Morley Guitar, Noel Storey Guitar, Dave McAdam Bass, Johnny McAdam Drums

Steve Averill The Punkettes featured my then girlfriend (future wife) Maria and a girl called Ger (a girlfriend of one of the McAdams) on backing vocals.

Pete Hamilton would later feature in another of Steve's bands the Modern Heirs, formed after he left the Radiators From Space, and after that The Peridots.

Dave McAdam was later in the pre Radiators for a short time and was replaced by Mark Megaray on bass.

The band did play live in Mountjoy school (later to become Mountemple) as the support band. That was our only live gig.   Otherwise we played for our own pleasure in a small shed we used to rehearse in. No demos were recorded. The tape was recorded on the night but was so muffled as it was just an audience tape with little clarity and so making out the songs was very hard to do. The ones I remember we did were the MC5’s High School and The Velvet Underground’s Waiting For The Man.

Information supplied by Steve Averill

Steve & Pete


All 3 photo's supplied by Steve Averill, they were taken on the night of the Mountjoy concert.

The Punkettes


Ger & Maria

At Mountjoy School


Noel, Billy & Johnny

Greta Garbage & The Trash Cans

Greta flyer

(approx 1974)

Above flyer supplied by Pete Holdai, Steve Averill also did the artwork. Possibly first and only "Glam Rock" band in Ireland. R.I.P. Billy.

Pete Holidai I first met Steve in a record store were he worked, he was playing a track from Roxy Music's second album. I thought he's cool.
Steve Averill I met Billy in the same Record Store I met Pete within a couple of weeks when I was looking for cool people to form a band with. Like all upcoming bands we rehearsed cover songs but wrote and recorded Girl With The Luminous Brain one afternoon to use in a RTE show. There is actually a video for this song.

All Glamed up

Left to right in the picture Pete Holidai, Steve Averill & Billy Morley (R.I.P.). Image supplied by Pete Holidai.

The Phil Chevron Band

I have no information on the Phil Chevron Bands line up at this time, they are known to have played at least one concert in Dublin's Blackrock Park in 1975.

Rehearsals leading to the formation of the Radiators

This is rough list of band line ups and band names leading up to the Radiators From Space. No gigs were played under these names or lines ups until the Radiators From Space was settled on as the name of the band.
Rockette version 1
Stephen Rapid Vocals    Pete Holidai Guitar         Billy Morley Guitar          Joey Clarke Drums

Rockette version 2
Stephen Rapid Vocals    Pete Holidai Guitar         Dave McAdam Bass        Joey Clarke Drums

Hell Razors version 1
Stephen Rapid Vocals    Pete Holidai Guitar         Dave McAdam Bass       Joey Clarke Drums

Hell Razors version 2
Stephen Rapid Vocals    Pete Holidai Guitar         Phil Chevron Guitar        Dave McAdam Bass       Jimmy Crashe Drums

Hell Razors version 3
Stephen Rapid Vocals    Pete Holidai Guitar         Phil Chevron Guitar        Mark Megaray Bass         Jimmy Crashe Drums

Rough Trade
Stephen Rapid Vocals    Pete Holidai Guitar         Phil Chevron Guitar        Mark Megaray Bass           Jimmy Crashe Drums

Green Vinyl 7"

Phil Chevron joined Pete & Steve in 1975, at the time the band were trying out different names, their current name was the Hell Razors. Phil knew Jimmy Crashe and asked him to join the band. When Phil left school he worked as a messenger for a Dublin firm of architects, Mark was the boss's son and a bass player looking for a band.

image supplied by Pete Holidai

Blue vinyl 7"

In October '76 the band had settled on the name Radiators From Space, and were recording a 4 track demo called The Midnight Demo's with Eamon Carr (of Horslips fame) & Jackie Hayden of CBS Records at Trend Studio in Dublin. These tracks would be released much later in a limited edition 7" format in 5 different coloured vinyl's, the recordings were made from the original 1976 recordings.

image supplied by Pete Holidai

Orange vinyl 7"

The 4 tracks recorded were; 1) Psychotic Reaction, 2) Television Scene, 3) Mistreater, 4) The Hucklebuck.  Eamon took the demo to London with him, the demo got an immediate reaction from Roger Armstrong & Ted Carroll of Chiswick Records. He phoned the band on the 13th November the day of their first gig supporting the English band Eddie & the Hot Rods, too tell them that Chiswick Records (London) were interested in the demo.

image supplied by Pete Holidai

Steve & Phil are still playing live around Ireland with the SUPERB Trouble Pilgrims. Please check out their debut album Dark Shadows & Rust.

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