For a select few Dubliner's, The 1977 Clash/Count Bishops concert at Trinity College Dublin changed everything. The music & energy they herd & felt that night connected with them and reflected their lives in a dark and dreary Dublin. Many teenagers could not see the bands they loved because of the licencing laws in Ireland, under 18's were not aloud into venues that sold alcohol. Also many of the venues would not host "Punk/New Wave" gigs, unlike the UK, even the Universities in Dublin banned "Punk" gigs.
This page will feature some gigs where the whole Punk ethos of do it yourself came to the fore and that were promoted and organised by either the fans or bands themselves (Radiators From Space @ Belfield) and (George Purdy @ St Anthony's Hall). The Radiators From Space gig @ the "Belfield" featured the first wave of Dublin bands under the Punk banner (Radiators, Revolver, The Vipers & Gamblers).

While the George Purdy, St Anthony's Hall, now legendary concert featured many of the second wave of bands, two of which George managed (Skank Mooks, The Citizens, Strange Movements, Virgin Prunes, Berlin & U2). This was a true "by the young for the young show", self funded, with no publicity in the local press & selling out all 600 tickets before the event.

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