This page is dedicated to two members of the "Vipers family", that are sadly no longer with us, Kevin O'Sullivan & Linda Duff.

Kevin O'Sullivan "Sully" The 5th Viper

R.I.P. May 13, 2016
I'm writing this as an outsider looking in, I was not around Dublin in the mid to late 70's when the Vipers were gigging. I never had the pleasure of meeting "Sully" or even talking to him. I only knew of him through Robbie & Dave Moloney & Ray Ellis, they all described him as a crazy lunatic (you never knew what he would next), a hard man with a heart of gold & a real passion for whatever he was doing. From a purely selfish point of view, I was sad too hear of his passing. I know I would have enjoyed having a pint of Smithwicks with him and talking about the Vipers. In funny quirk of fate, Dave had only recently said he would have to introduce me to Sully, sadly that will never happen.
#1 Viper fan who became their roadie
Ray Ellis Sully was a full time roadie. We had two others now and again. Dave (no brakes lads) He enjoyed driving through pools of water and announcing in his very English accent '' No faughing brakes lads''. He would then speed up. Then there was'' I'm so happy it's incredible'', he was the most depressed bloke we ever met.
Sully, at a gig in Galway on the Falling Asunder tour the only way to the stage was through the crowed. The place was packed. Sully was throwing and pushing people out of our way. While we were playing I glanced over at him and he had a big cheesy grin going on. He enjoyed all the action. A while after he had disappeared. When I saw him later at the side of the stage he was covered in blood. Some of the guys he was throwing around grabbed him . Took him outside and got stuck in .Then brought him back in and propped up at the stage when finished.
A few days later Dave and I were in a hotel playing pool the morning after a gig. Sully comes in and says ''We have to go now'' We were not too pushed until he explained he had rifled the display case in the lobby. It had bottles of champers and wine in it. Such a scarper to the van, the rest of the lads were already waiting for us. No brakes Dave shot us out of there real fast. Another hotel we stayed in had a report of a break in on night. What had happened was Sully got locked out and saw an open window. Climbed up the drain pipe and went through and out the door and back to his room.
George Purdy Ah Sully, I didn't know. Rest now my friend. You crazy, funny, infuriating lunatic. Talented more than most with cutting wit and hands which created hundreds of beautiful things. I'll never forget you. You crazy bastard.
Johnny Bonnie You had to be mad to do the sound at St. Anthony's Hall,fair play to you Sully.
Dick Purdy I remember looking down from the stage to the mixing desk and Sully was looking up with an exasperated expression and he shouted "I can do nothing for you lot".
Johnny Bonnie I always laugh like I am now every time I hear that.
(Robbie Moloney, centre, wearing the infamous German WWII helmet that was seen at many Vipers gigs. The helmet belonged to “Sully” a Vipers fan and later their roadie and someone who deserves a book all to himself...)
Dave Moloney R.I.P. Sully. The biggest fan who became THE Vipers roadie. A mad Bastard but was always in our corner. If you wanted to get to The Vipers you had to get past Sully. God bless. Never understood you most of the time, and the harm you did to yourself but you never did me any harm. Safe home. Cheers Sully
Dick Purdy Ann and Sully the day Janice and I married.
1995 -
Sully - "Dick you're grey"
Me - "Yes Sully and you are bald"
Sully - "But it suits me"
Anthony O'Reilly The two of them looked great together Ann and Sully. RIP Sully
David Sweeney. Sully was completely the fifth Viper and to his delight most fans especially girls thought he was in the band. Actually when I first met him after a Gravediggers show in the Project Arts Centre I thought he was in the Vipers too and when I joined the Vipers about four months later I realised he was more of a Viper than the Vipers themselves. Heavily well read highly observant witty sarcastic loyal imaginative crazy. Sully fit right in. I have some photos somewhere. Nothing for now until I get back home. Sully was at my wedding. He created amazing sculptures based around the native Americans. Sully was a star, to his fingertips and of course I regret losing touch with him when I left Ireland.

Linda Duff fan club editor & music journalist

R. I. P. 03 September 2013

Journalist at Hot Press, Smash Hits the Daily Mirror & music editor at Daily Star in London.

Journalist Linda Duff (53) passed away in Dublin on September 3rd from a suspected heart attack. Her funeral took place on Saturday September 7th in St Anthony’s Church, followed by her burial in Dardistown Cemetery, Cloghran.
Linda was a fond character in the Irish and British music industry and associated with the launch and promotion of acts like Pet Shop Boys and Take That. On first name terms with some of the biggest stars of the 80s and 90s, it was Linda who broke the news that Robbie Williams was splitting from Take That. Gary Barlow has led tributes, saying “I will be forever grateful to Linda for being the very first person to write about us. It was tough in the early days for the band, so any break we got in the media went a long way. I was very sad to hear that she had passed, RIP.”

Her career in journalism began with running the fan club of local band The Vipers, before landing a job at Hotpress Magazine. While there, she wrote to the editor of Smash Hits and received a job writing a column in the leading magazine of its day. She then went on to work for the Daily Mirror and was subsequently appointed Pop Editor with the Daily Star.

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