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06/08/1977 Moran's Hotel, Dublin, with The Radiators From Space Heat Fanzine Review by Ray Gunne (Jude Carr) Along with the Rads the Vipers made this the best gig I ever pogoed to. They played good solid Rock 'n' Roll for almost three quarters of an hour. They had a good piss up and were well oiled ready to do the needy. Speaking of SEX.... This gig attracted lotza chicks... good cos the Irish punk scene is suffering from a shortage anyway..............
Vipers opened the gig with "I Can Tell" but nobody was ready to bop just yet. A couple of hip chicks were head banging but I think that was from something ever Smiley played 'bout an hour earlier. A guitar string had broken and it was outta toon.....who cares? People were really bopping by the time they did "Knock On Wood" it had great drumming from Dave Moloney and great vocals from Paul Boyle. Sometimes Paul aped Bob Geldof a bit too much, but who cares??
Originals like "Strut It" and "You Had Your Chance" the latter being Terry Lean's choice of single of the year (if the Vipers get that together). Were great catchy toons, while Paul Boyle's claim that "Too Rough" was the best pop song ever written; was not that far wrong. They topped the gig with Rods "Teenage Depression" before playing a well deserved encore. Not bad for gig number 2 huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Liam MacKey Hot Press Review The Radiators/Vipers gig in Moran’s last Saturday week was probably one of the most important Irish gigs of the year so far.
In recent weeks while the sour taste of Belfield lingered on in the mouths of many people, the Radiators were in the studio recording a album and attempting to pick up the pieces. At the same time I guess they realised that the genuine test would come when they returned to the stage. At this point I can only say that it was a complete triumph on as many levels as you’d care to mention.
Firstly though, full marks to the Much More Music people for not only playing host when so many others would have refused, but also for going out of their way to ensure that the bands could operate in just the right atmosphere. The “M.M.M. Welcome Back The Radiators” banner draped across the back of the stage bore witness to their efforts.
The Vipers who opened the show get my vote as the most improved band I’ve seen all year.
Where as in Belfield they’d been sloppy and seemingly ill-rehearsed, which had made their hard core punk stance all the more ridiculous, at Moran’s they were tight, hard and inventive. “Inventive” may not be a word you’d often associate with the New Wave but no other could describe what these guys did with the curtain raiser “I Can Tell” and the encore “Pool Hall Richard.”
(Image supplied by Dave Moloney, notice the reference to the Boomtown Rats)
In between they rampaged through originals like “You Had Your Chance” and “No Such Thing,” plus “Too Rough” introduced as “the best punk were going ape and it began to look like the Vipers might damn near steal the show.

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