Sarsaparilla/Side Kick

Dublin 1978 - 1983

Line up:
Peter Cordell Guitar
Phil Brown Guitar
Dave Quinn Bass
Denis Doran Vocals
Ray Ellis Drums

02-07-1978 Blackrock Park, Dublin

"Open Air Festival"
Attendance, unknown
Line Up The School Kids, Velvet Valves, The Vipers, Boy Scoutz, Rocky De Valera & The Gravediggers, The Sinners, Sarsaparilla
Admission unknown


Photo supplied by Patrick Brocklebank, The School Kids are on stage..
Set; unknownU2 DID NOT PLAY this gig as the outdoor amps and rigging that was hired for this gig never turned up. The bands that played, had to play with the School Kids indoor amps, this lead to the sound quality not being very good.At this time I'm not sure if the Vipers played either, Dave Moloney (their drummer) has no recollection of this gig.

Advert from "In Dublin" magazine


The School Kids are: Dave Greenlee (vocal), John Breen (guitar), Charlie Hallinan (drums). Charlie would go on to have more success with Berlin.
John Breen was one of the first people to think that U2 were going to be "stars". The School Kids used the same rehearsal room in Mountjoy Square as U2. Charlie Hallinan would go on to join Berlin. The Atrix & Rocky DeValrea & the Gravediggers, also used the same house. This is the second & final gig the School Kids play with U2, the first was @ the Project Arts Centre.
The Vipers are; Paul Boyle (vocal & guitar), Ray Ellis (guitar & vocal), Ivor Rowan (bass), Dave Moloney (drums). This is the Sixth & final gig The Vipers will play with U2, the other 5 were all at the Memphis Rock Room @ McGonagle's.
Boy Scoutz are; Ed Darragh, (keyboards, bass, vocal), Carol Walters (guitar), Cathy Owens (bass, vocal), Ita Carr (drums).
Boy Scoutz were an all girl group, they featured regularly in the underground fanzine "Heat". Heat was force to close after losing a court case with U2's Paul McGuinness.
Rocky De Valera & The Gravediggers are; Rocky De Valera (Fredia MacAnna) (vocal), Lord Lucan (Dave Sweeney) (lead guitar), Pierre Parnell (Nicky Barrett) (guitar), Jack Dublin (Paul Brown) (bass), Harpo (Robbie Campbell) (drums).
The Sinners are: Aidan O'Rourke (vocal & lead guitar), Tonny Pugh (rhythm guitar), Fergus Nolan (bass), Bernie Walsh (drums). Aidan is now a successful photographer in his native Manchester. Bernie is also a successful photographer in Ireland.
Velvet Valves include: Mark Keating (Vocals), Peter Doran (Guitar). They were fans of the Velvet Underground & the Tubes, this is were their name came from. Thanks to Ross Crowley for this information.Some of the concerts held here, took place on the island in the lake, others used the grandstand.
In August 1980 Sarsaparilla became Side Kick
They had a Sunday lunchtime residency during August 1980 at the Baggot Inn.
During January 1981, Side Kick had a Thursday night residency at Toners.


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