The Reasons
Dublin 1979
"Dublin's First Supergroup"

Line up;
Phil Byrne Vocals (Revolver)
Pete Holidai Guitar & Backing Vocals (Radiators)
The Edge Guitar (U2)
Billy Morley Guitar (Revolver)
Kevin Helly Bass, Acoustic Guitar & Backing Vocals (Revolver)
Dave Moloney Drums (The Vipers)
Gaby Smith Keyboards, Wurlitzer

17/02/2018, 40 years after recording 3 songs in the studio, The Reasons finally made their "live" debut at the Harbour Bar Bray, on the occasion of Phil Byrne's 60th birthday. Phil was joined on stage by Pete Holidai & Dave Moloney, (both of whom were part of the original recording band), Eammon Kenny (Teen Commandments) & Floyd Earl Crow. Niall Power made a guest appearance on Million Dollar Hero. In front of a packed house the band were introduced by Karl Tsigdinos and proceeded to power their way through a 30 minute set to the delight of the audience. The full set list was Once Bitten Twice Shy, Silently Screaming, I've Got You, Million Dollar Hero, Private World, Somethings Better Than Nothing, Television Screen, Ziggy Stardust & Wild Mountain.
The Reasons in full swing left to right Eammon, Pete, Phil, Dave (hidden by his kit) & Floyd.
When Revolver split, Kevin, Phil & Pete all had songs they wanted to record, The Reasons were a one off Dublin super group brought together just for the studio recording of 3 songs. The Teen Commandments became the "live" version of the "Reasons". 

Later all 3 tracks would be released on vinyl under the "Teen Commandments" name.  "Somethin'" would appear on the Irish only album "Just For Kicks", "My Baby Left Me" also also appeared on an Irish only album "Vinyl Verdict", "Private World" was released as a 7" single.

Pete Holidai The Reasons session "The Reasons recorded "My Baby Left Me", "Private World" & "Somethin' Better Than Nothing". All 3 tracks were recorded at the Lombard Studio in Dublin in the summer of '79. The exact date of the recording session is not known." I can tell you that Private World and Italian Girls was recorded 25/26 August 1979. I know this because when I went back to London on the Monday 27th the police were out in force at the airport because of Mountbattens murder earlier that day.

This is the first time a member of U2 (The Edge) had collaborated with other artists on a recording. Contrary to popular belief The Edge did not play bass on these recordings.  

They recorded 3 tracks at Lombard studio in Dublin in the summer of ’79. The 3 tracks were “Something’s Better Than Nothing” written by Phil Byrne & produced by Pete Holidai. The Edge did two takes of his guitar solo, the second one was the one used.
Private World” written by Pete Holidai & “Baby Left Me” written by Kevin Helly & Phil Byrne. This was a one off recording project featuring various band members from Revolver (Billy Morley, Kevin Helly & Phil Byrne), Radiators From Space (Pete Holidai), The Vipers (Dave Moloney) & U2 (The Edge), Gaby Smyth played keyboards. This is the earliest known recording collaboration by any member of U2. The recordings were supplied by Kevin Helly. Something’s Better Than Nothing is featured on the “Just For kicks” LP Kick Records KK1. Private World, was a Teen Commandments 7” on Auric records AU79003 with Italian Girls as a “B” side. Italian Girls was a re working of an old Revolver song. “Baby Left Me” was featured on the Scoff Records LP “Vinyl Verdict” DTLP006.
Adam Clayton also wanted to play on these tracks, but the band already had a bass player in Kevin.

Thanks to Kevin Helly for the above information & the demo recordings

Robbie Moloney "What did the edge play, someone trying to convince me that it was Bass"?

Philip Byrne "Nope guitar all the way, the solo on 'Something's took about eight hours! LOL" 

Robbie Moloney "It was only in the studio, the touring Band was Phil, Dave a guitarist called Eamonn and a black bass player who I never heard of again!"

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