modulators 1979

Images above & right supplied by Frank Kearns. The image on the left supplied by Ivan McCormick.



HOWTH 1978 - 1979

Line Up;
Neil McCormick Vocals
Ivan McCormick Guitar
John McGlue Bass
Various Drums


Image supplied by Ivan McCormick, on stage at the Howth Community Centre.

The band never had a stable drummer, Larry Mullen played drums on their first gig at the Howth Community Centre. Paul Byrne also played drums for the band using Larry's red Beverly kit, but claims he was never a full time member of the band. Paul Byrne & John McGlue would go on to form Sounds Unreel/Deaf Actor.

Ivan McCormick "anyway we played several times at Howth cc and had a different drummer every time

Larry Mullen stood in on our very first Howth Community centre gig.

Eric Dennehey was next, otherwise known as “Hopeless Eric” on account of the fact that he was so nervous he ran off to the loo just as we were going on and was a jibbering wreck throughout the performance…he lasted one gig.

Paul Byrne drummed for us once or twice too.

We eventually got a regular drummer, John McCormack (no relation).

John McGlue was on bass…punk named "Jonny Durex”…he went on to play in Reel to reel who became Deaf Actor…who mostly turned into In Tua Nua.

It’s a complicated family tree as I’m sure you’re very well aware!

Although Frank Kearns image is shown on the "Modulators" badge, he had left the band before they played live.

Gig Guide
00/09/1978 Howth Community Centre with Rocky DeValera & The Gravediggers.
According to Ferdia, (Rocky), the Modulators supported Rocky DeValera & The Gravediggers at least 3 times during their residency at the Community Centre between June & the end of October '78.

17/11/1978 Spinning Wheel, Dublin

26/12/1978 Community Centre, Howth Indoor Rock Festival with The Sinners, Gone To Earth, Rocky DeValera & The Gravediggers

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