Modern Heirs
Ireland 1978 - 1980

Line up;
Steve Rapid Vocals & Synth
Pete Hamilton Synth
Stan Erraught Guitar
Ed Darragh Bass

Logo supplied by Steve Averill

Steve Averill "The idea was to form a band and to continue with it both Pete and I brought Kawai synth within a week of each other and decided to work together. We added the others and rehearsed but realised that that line-up was virtually impossible to get together on a regular basis. Shortly after that Stan Erraught joined and then later Ed Darragh came in on bass guitar. I decided to leave to set up. initially Z, then the Siamese Monitors who changed the name to SM Corporation. It was under this name that we played the most gig and released material. Pete and I had different ideas about how the music might go and as such it was an amicable decision. Pete and I had been friends in Mountjoy school for a long time". 

Steve Rapid was a former member of The Radiators From Space, Ireland's first punk band. It's believed that Steve designed the first U2 poster & gave them their name. Steve would go on to form Four5One, a design company that was used by U2 for all the album artwork.

Photo supplied by Steve Averill

Ed during rehearsals at Pete Hamilton's house.

Ed was formally with the all girl band The Boy Scouts, a band formed after an advert appeared in "Heat" fanzine. She joined the Modern Heirs in August 1978.

Ed Darragh "Another gig I'm reminded of was when I joined Steve Rapid's Modern Heirs ... I think we opened for The Cure, again at McGonagles, the tree was gone by this stage - but I had exchanged my bass guitar for a toy piano... I think our sound was best described as punk synth - I loved playing with Steve on stage... just an immense front man".

Gig Guide

20/03/1978 Presbyterian Church Hall, Howth with The Hype, Virgin Prunes & U2. 

The Modern Heirs who played in hall in Howth were:
Pete Hamilton -Vocals, synth
Steve Rapid - Vocals, synth
Adam Clayton - Bass
Joey Clarke  - Drums
Kieran Wilde - Saxophone
It was a one-off performance and the band became a trio after that gig. Stan was in the audience at the gig though, he would later become a full member of the Modern Heirs.

Photo's top, Steve Averill & Adam Clayton, middle Kieran Wilde, both photo's taken during the Modern Heirs set. Bottom left to right Adam Clayton, the Edge, Steve Averill, Billy Morley

Steve Averill "As far as I can remember we played two songs The In Crowd and Who Do You Love, which sounded more avant grade than intended to to lack of rehearsal and musical ability. Billy Morley and I were asked to join U2 for the encore. Or rather all of U2 bar Bono as I sang a song, which I can’t remember the title of now. It would likely have been a classic rock song. I do remember that Billy and Edge did some god guitar interplaying. I don’t remember there being a poster for the gig but there may have been as it was a pretty full audience".

Adam played with the Modern Heirs, Virgin Prunes & The Hype at this gig, Dik Evans played with the Hype & Virgins Prunes.

Poster for the Revolver/U2 McGonagles concert supplied by Steve Averill

30/07/1978 McGonagle's, Dublin with Revolver & U2. 
Steve Averill "The McGonagles gig was one to which I had added U2 to the bill as the opening act. When it came to the night it turned out that they had just agreed to work with Paul McGuinness who did what a manager is supposed to do and pushed for them to move up the bill. To counter that I asked the guys in Revolver could we close the show instead and they agreed. We didn’t play that late as the concert started on time and got a good response. It wasn’t as empty as has been suggested. But due to the events of the evening and not to cause any further aggravation for all involved we decided not to play the second night".

31/07/1978 McGonagle's, Dublin with Revolver & U2. 

02/11/1978 Art Block, Trinity College, Dublin with The New versions, Virgin Prunes & U2
03/06/1980 McGonagle's, Dublin with D.C. Nien
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