The Mod - L's
From Whitehall/Beaumount, Dublin Dec 1979 - late 1980

Line up 
Paul King Vocals
Noel Carroll Vocals
Dennis Byrne Vocals
Ed Manning Guitar
John "Sarge" O'Hara Keyboards
Colm Fitzpatrick Bass
Gerry Edwards Drums
Frank Duff Trumpet
Joey Cashmen Saxophone, later replaced by Niall Nolan

Demos & Recordings

We also played "Limbo" from our demo tape on the Late Late in March 1980. DJ Pat James was a big fan of the the Mod - L's and played their demo regularly on his ARD radio show. 

The Mod - L's recorded a two track demo of original songs "Limbo" & "Dance Step Beat". They were recorded at Eamon Andrews Lombard Studio on Harcourt Street, Dublin.
Image supplied by Paul King

Biography by Paul King
In 1979 a covers band who played weddings and parties were looking for a rehearsal room to practice their set. They were all from the Whitehall/Beaumount area of Dublin and were all accomplished musicians who'd represented St Aidan's School at Slogadh, the traditional Irish music competition.
They were offered the use of a classroom on condition they allowed Paul King and Philip O'Doherty to front the band for a few guest numbers. They agreed and the resultant band was dubbed The Poseurs. Although this arrangement didn't last long, it did encourage those involved to pursue the band more seriously. They moved away from the wedding circuit and developed a coherent image and sound which became The Mod - L's.
The Mod - L's recruited three singers, Paul King, Noel Carroll and Dennis Byrne, to complement the line up of Ed Manning (guitar), John "Sarge" O'Hara (keyboards), Colm Fitzpatrick (bass), Gerry Edwards (drums), plus Frank Duff (trumpet), Joey Cashman (saxophone). Joey was also involved with the "Fast Skirts". Because of over stretched commitments he was replaced by Niall Nolan.
By January 1980, having survived a first gig in Lusk Detention Centre, the band was ready for anything.
The Band played energetic Ska (Gangsters, On My Radio, The Prince) with some original songs thrown in.
They were active from December 1979 to October 1980 when work/life etc overcame the unity in the band.

The Mod - L's also played college gigs, I have no dates for these concerts.
Paul King I remember having the time of my life in that era. Out at gigs every other night. Noel Carroll from the band was in Bono's class in Mount Temple.

Gig Guide

PicturePicture supplied by Paul King

By January 1980, having survived a first gig in Lusk Detention Centre, the band was ready for anything.

March 80 Dynamo The Mod-l's Magnet Bar Hot Press review Ross Fitzsimons So when you see a seven piece band, five of them wearing tight black suits, white shirts and slim Jim black ties, what might you expect? Well, you'd be right. The Mod-L's played "On My Radio", "The Prince" and "Gangsters" a showband/human jukeboxes or a group firming up their set with covers in their early days to sort out future directions/identities? Who cares - they enjoyed themselves, the audience enjoyed themselves, the "critic" enjoyed himself. If they can carry their talent and enthusiasm through more original numbers in the near future, the Mod-L's will go a lot further than playing support in the Magnet. 

13/04/1980 McGonagles, Dublin

11/05/1980 McGonagles, Dublin 

25/05/1980 McGonagles, Dublin

30/05/1980 Crofton Airport Hotel, Dublin

PicturePhoto by Patrick Brocklebank

01/06/1980 McGonagles, Dublin 

06/06/1980 Crofton Airport Hotel, Dublin. One of the concerts that the Mod - L's played at the Airport Hotel was recorded on a reel to Reel tape.

07/06/1980 Downtown Kampus, Cork with The Atrix 

09/06/1980 McGonagles, Dublin

13/06/1980 Crofton Airport Hotel, Dublin with The Departure.

15/06/1980 McGonagles, Dublin

22/06/1980 McGonagles, Dublin

29/06/1980 McGonagles, Dublin. Due to work and holiday commitments the band don't play again until late 1980.

Ferdia MacAnna In Dublin review.
Consider the appearance on stage of three Frankensteins dressed to the hilt in mod suits, followed by a bizarre collection of musicians, containing two Robert Redford replicas and at least one demented Igor figure , without his braying hounds but complete with smelt threads and keyboards.
Then consider what happens when a shout goes up and the band bursts suddenly into life, lurching and swaying to the rocksteady beat. The unbridled dementia swiftly communicates itself to the audience, who stomp and bop and scream their way through a set composed mostly of covers of two tone and similar music including "Too Much Pressure", "Gangsters", "The Prince" and a particularly hilarious rendition of "On My Radio", where lead Frankenstein "Freelance" does his Demis Rousses - sings - ska impression. He's a good lad but just a strange. The Mod - L's refuse to take anything seriously which means that their gigs tend to be riotous, chaotic and immensely enjoyable, definitely the most fun in town. They're just what Dublin needs - an irreverent ska band - and if they catch on, as they must I can see people doing the Coolock Moonstomp from Dingle to Ringsend. Anyone who doesn't like this band is dead from the neck up.  

PicturePicture by Patrick Brocklebank

06/11/1980 O’Briens Hotel, Dublin. The band now featured a new female singer Edwina Ampadu. Edwina would later be in The Heartbeatz with Richie Taylor & Jack Dublin. 

11/11/1980 Downtown Kampus, Cork with Icurus

12/11/1980 Ivy Rooms, Dublin

19/11/1980 Ivy Rooms, Dublin

26/11/1980 Ivy Rooms, Dublin

29/11/1980 Magnet Bar, Dublin with Known Authority. I think this may have been the bands last gig.

PicturePoster supplied by Paul King

The Two Tone craze which swept the UK at the turn of the decade made it's mark on these fair shores in the shape of the Mod - L's who had the suits and the shapes to tag along with the prevailing trend. An unashamed good time band, the Mod - L's never did anybody a bit of harm and are fondly recalled as a decent bunch. Hot Press Year Book 1980

Reunion Gigs

The band reformed for Paul King's 40th, 45th & 50th birthdays and have played every five years since then.

We played the Mercantile Dame st in October 2016 with trumpet and trombone brass section.

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