The Epidemix
Dublin 1978 - 1981

Line up;
Paul Bonnar Sax & Vocals
Colin Devlin Guitar
Gerry Grogan Bass
Dave Bell Drums

Photo from "In Dublin"
The Epidemix have been in existence for about 18 months, although they have only been gigging a year.
Gig Guide, The Epidemix played the Dandelion Market a total of six times, including a support slot with U2, & had residencies' at Toners as support to the Resistors and later as the headline band. They also played many of the other venues in Dublin such as Trinity College & McGonagles. The highlight of the their career was a couple of support slots to the English bands The Revillo's (Trinity College) & John Ottway & Wild Willy Barrett at the TV club. 
The band formed at school except for drummer Dave Bell, he joined later replacing Lester? Their set consisted mainly original tracks penned by Paul Bonnar. They recorded 4 track demo tape that was recorded at Eammon Andrews TV Club and got airplay on the John Peel show. According to an interview the band did Imprint Fanzine, they had no interest in making the big time. They were more concerned with being engineers & in Dave case a session drummer. The Epidemix did a photo shoot with Patrick Brocklebank & had articles in Hot Press, In Dublin, Irish Press and Imprint Fanzine during their short career. If you have a copy of the demo tape please get in touch.

Photo by Patrick Brocklebank

The Epidemix & The End Toners
Two of the finest new wave pop bands to emerge in the last few months drew a capacity crowd to Toners, and sent the audience away satisfied. The End suffered from poor sound, but their excellent set transcended the problems; “Sex Movies”, "Love On The Airways”, and “Listen” show a developing sense of song writing style. After their twentieth gig, a name worth dropping.
The Epidemix however, are “different”. Paul Singer plays belting sax. Dave Drummer thrashes the mercilessly, Colin Guitar thinks he’s in the Ramones, while Gary Bass remains cold, almost Claytonian! Their songs are powerful, both lyrically and musically - witness the classic “Whore” (except for the appalling title) and the superb “Basement Life”. Occasionally Paul slips up – silly anti Semitic jokes, childish “schoolboy” humour, sometimes rampant sexism (“Easy Penetration” and rewritten “Lets Dance”). Still, despite several flaws, the Epidemix are possessing of enough talent to “make it”.
U2, D.C. Nien, The Atrix and co. are going, the Tricolour TV Set is still on the blink, but just you wait, cos the Epidemix and the End are coming! Hot Press Review Gerald Siggins 

Photo by Patrick Brocklebank

Where Are They Now?

At this time I have no information on what the band members are doing now.

Demo's & Recordings

A well acclaimed demo tape was made in December at Eamonn Andrews’ studio. The four tracks featured are “The Ad-man Cometh”, Shift 14”, Middle – Class Life” and “Young Lovers”. Front man Paul Bonnar has been described in such terms as “Lanky Humanoid…. Psychotic presence” and a “prat”. Hot Press "All The Young Dudes"

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