Dublin 1981 - 198?

Line up;
Jil Turner Vocals
Derek Ennis Bass
Gerry Forde Keyboards & Guitar
Martin Murphy Drums & Triangle
Dave McGinley Guitar

06/11/1982 Joey Mahers, Drogheda If U2 are inspired and influenced by their faith, then Eugene are inspired and influenced by U2. Second hand pedigrees for a potentially first rate band, who shine musically and vocally, but ultimately annoy the listener unfairly by sounding too much like their peers.
The ideas are there, the hooklines are sometimes there – “Castles” and “Pictures” – they look good, albeit somewhat stripey, and they play good, but they lack one vital ingredient – originality. Sure, the music roars in all the right places, the vocals – take a bow, Ms Turner – soar in all the right places, and they are quite enjoyable in a deceitful kind of way, but I left Eugene with aching, nagging doubts as to whether they are popular for the right or wrong reasons.
A lot of bands want to be a second U2, but Eugene are ambitious, and move beyond that obstacle: possibly they want to be U3. Careful, Eugene. Hot Press review Tony Clayton Lea.

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At this time I have no information on what the band members are doing now.

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