Salthill, Galway 1980 - 198?

Line up;
Danny O’Sullivan Vocals
Ray Lynch Guitar & Vocals
Gary Cotter Bass & Vocals
Ronnie Griffin Drums

Photo from Hot Press

Gig Guide

19/02/1980 O'Reillys, Galway

24/02/1980 Dandelion Market, Dublin

26/02/1980 O'Reillys, Galway

16/03/1980 McGonagles, Dublin

23/03/1980 McGonagles, Dublin

30/03/1980 McGonagles, Dublin

Dynamo The Mod L’s Magnet Bar
And as for Dynamo, the “ska” band from Galway? A few number into the set it becomes clear that pinning Dynamo as a “ska” band does them an injustice. Some of their songs are certainly stamped with the “chunka – chunka” seal of approval, and Danny O’Sullivan wears a pork pie and braces and they all have short hair, but the blue beat is just one beat – the tight rhythm section of Gary Cotter (bass) and Ronnie Griffin (drums) can shift gear effortlessly at the drop of a hat. Add to that the unpredictable Ray Lynch on guitar – sometimes sparse and sharp on rhythm chops, sometimes playing with barely controlled mania on spluttering runs.
But Danny is the front man, bobbing and weaving, swinging and swaying, like nobody else except maybe a younger and more agile Ian Dury.
But nevertheless Dynamo have scope for improvement – some of the songs need changing and re-arranging, and a few need replacing. The development of more stage presence and presentation from Ray and Gary wouldn’t go amiss either. But these are minor complaints about a group who are together only two months in the present line up, and on the evidence of this gig are one of the most promising Irish acts I’ve seen in a while.
Ross Fitzsimons Hot Press

Where Are They Now?

At this time I have no information on what the band members are doing now.

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