Dublin 1979

Line up 
Peter McCluskey Guitar & Vocals
Paul O'Rouke Bass
Stephen O'Brian or Denis Carr Drums


Pete in his Strouger days, supporting U2 at the Dandelion Market.

Pete McCluskey Driver - I named the band after a Bruce Dern movie from 1978. The band's bass player, Paul O'Rourke wanted to call the band The Vox Bombers. Paul was a total punk - brilliant lad, great on the bass, 110% energy. I can't rightly recall who else was in the band. The drummer was possibly Denis Carr on drums. Not sure if there was a 4th person. we played with the threat at the dandelion - played covers, "action time vision"(ATV), JENNY JONES (CLASH)..can't remember what else. Not sure we played any more gigs..we just rehearsed a few times and got the Threat gig...think that was it.....

Gig Guide 

05/12/1979 Dandelion Market, Dublin with The Pretty, Driver
Three Ramoniac punk bands in ascending order of aptitude. first on, the Pretty who played a public rehearsal for their friends, squirted some beer about, proved anyone can have their five songs of fame if they possess gall enough and were disappointed by the lack of "prodies" in the audience. I'm not certain if the Pretty are Stiff Little Fingers fans.
Later there was a message from an ally to make sure I mentioned them "I don't care if you think they're good or bad". fair but the Pretty didn't seem to care either so why the need of a press mention?
Driver were more capable but insufficiently urgent. "Action Time Vision"' the opening song, had well organized lyric idea the titles of the other songs hinted at words more interesting than their present 1-2-3-4 treatment; an unidentified love song had the most inventive music. But as yet, Driver are an apprentice band who'll have to reconsider their navigation and tighten up their mechanics and dynamics before they proceed further.
So far no stars on this Sunday and no pogoing either. The Threat solved the second lack and made a stab at the first too. The leader of the three piece Maurice Foley comes originally from England but has his look down pat. Regulation spiky hair, a studded and scuffed black leather jacket, glaring staring eyes and an angular face that's all sharp ridges and nerve ends. He'll sing "I'll teach you the facts of life of my life" in a voice made for the echo chamber and you'll believe him - though he'll have future problems with Rotten comparisons.
But he isn't the Threat's lone asset. Drummer Longer some times gets over excited but with his all action style, he has good reason, if the threat should stall, he'll have no problem finding future employment. Their manager later said he'd been in the Artane boys band. That makes sense.
Third in line, ex Boy Scout Deirdre Creed, who belies her previous rating and fits determinedly into a band who are way beyond basic problems of "tightness". Her presence also ensures the Threat needn't be docked a conventional punk band.
But pogoer's delight are what the Threat are. Curiously, with the exception of Strange Movements, they're the first authentic punk band of merit Dublin has produced since every first generation band went pop, art or elsewhere. And the Threat's bombardment is accurate, though not completely sustained, through a cold and inclement evening. Lack of variation in their song patterns causes a slackening of interest mid way through, though to their credit, the Threat experiment with electronic gadgetry for "Government of The Future".
A throwback by London time scales, it'll be curious to see how the Threat develop and whether they can maintain the militancy of punk while avoiding falling victim to its regimentation of style. They generate the power and already have sufficient songs and a potential following for an excellent E.P.
Oh yes and they had the bonus of being videoed for an exhibition in "A Sense Of Ireland", an opportunity which should aid their record company recruitment plans. (The pogoer's enjoyed the media attention too!).
They finished with a "stupid encore" too "The Runaway Train". In the last line, it crashed, so was that a wised-up joke, a warning to themselves? Bill Graham review Hot Press

Where Are They Now?

At this time I have no information on what the band members are doing now.

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