The Cretins

Churchtown Dublin 1979

Line up;
Rory Stokes Lead Vocals
Shane O’Neil Guitar
David Long Bass
David Clarke Drums

David Long and Shane O’Neil were always together in a band that never that got off the ground, but showed how good they were when Rory Stokes and David Clarke showed up. Rory and David used to be in a band called The The in 1978 but Rory left to become lead vocalist in the Sussed.

Their music is not unlike the early Sex Pistols, and despite their respective ages, the Cretins have 90% original material. Titles include “I Can Throw a Tantrum”, “I’ve Got Rabies”, “Everybody’s Cretins”, and “No Need”, Ages range from 15 – 17. Hot Press 1979

Having spoken to Rory Stokes, he told me The Sussed supported U2 on 12 occasions mainly in Howth & the Dandelion Market. As this article appeared in Hot Press in mid '79 at the time U2 would have been playing the Dandelion Market, I think it may well have been The Cretins that supported U2 and not The Sussed.

Where Are They Now?

At this time I have no information on what the band members are doing now.

Demo's & Recordings

At this time it is not known if this band recorded any demo tapes.

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