The Citizens

Finglas, Dublin 1978 - 1979

Line up;
Emmett O'Reilly Bass & Vocals
Denis Rusk Guitar
Martin Greene Guitar
Sean D'Angelo Guitar
David Herlihy Drums

Citizens, left to right Sean D'Angelo, Denis Rusk & Emmett O'Reilly.  Photo by Patrick Brocklebank

David Herlihy would go on to join The Letters, then become  a successful actor.
Denis Rusk would go on to join The Strougers, New Career, Cuba Dares & Venetian Blonde.
Martin Greene would also go on to join New Career & Montage
Emmett O'Reilly would go on to join New Career & Montage
Emmett O'Reilly "The Citizens were a straight-ahead punk band, who mutated into New Career, who had a more post-punk sound and eventually they mutated into Montage, a synth-pop band. All three bands were based around the Cedarwood Rd scene but because of our antipathy to the Christian vibe associated with U2, we remained close to but slightly separate from the whole Lypton Village thing. Montage were the first band to be offered a contract by Mother Records but as the band were already disintegrating, nothing ever came of it. Are you basically looking for a potted history of all three bands? "Denis Rusk I asked Denis what was the best gig you played? "It was the magnet, and it was a spontaneous gig. a bunch of us just got together one night and headed for the magnet, formed a band there and then, decided on a handful of songs and played for an hour. the edge, tommy the bottle of milk, myself, sean d'angelo, and the drummer from the boy scoutz, who was a girl. I never actually got her name. There could have been others also. It was a memorable night for all the wrong (and right) reasons. Emmet O' Reilly might have sung a few songs too. Fun and games!!!"
Gig Guide
22/11/1978 St Anthony's "Punk Festival" with New Versions, Berlin, Virgin Prunes, Strange Movements, Skank Mooks. For more detail on this concert click on the "Concerts That Changed The Face of Dublin" tab in the menu bar on the left.
03/02/1979 McGonagle's, Dublin with U2 This concert is the second of a trial run of Saturday lunchtime shows run by
McGonagle's for the under 18 fans, there is no alcohol on sale within McGonagle's, Berlin & Free Booze also played these gigs.
Emmett O'Reilly The dates sound about right, we'd been given the  support slot because we'd helped out U2 by doing a support slot, at short notice, when they couldn't make it on time to an afternoon under age show in McG's. It was a Saturday afternoon when we stepped in to play. Our bassist played the gig during his lunch-hour, then had to go back to work. We only
appeared cos Bono rang me from RTE earlier that day as they'd been filming there and it had over-run drastically. Quick thinking on his part, you'd have to admit.21/06/1979 McGonagle's, Dublin with U228/06/1979 McGonagle's, Dublin with U2, Revolver Emmett O'Reilly "Was playing support to U2 in McGonagles one night when we were told Revolver had been added to the bill as some A&R men were at the gig. Then later, Paul McGuinness took me aside and told me that Revolver had asked to go on 2nd, as the A&R guys wouldn't be there in time to see them but that it
was up to us, as we'd been booked weeks before. Knowing that we were gonna be offered a contract by Mother Records, I felt inclined to let them leapfrog us but when I consulted with the rest of the band they told me to tell Revolver to fuck off. Later, I was told Revolver had decided to break up that night.

New Career

Finglas, Dublin 1980 - 1981

Line up;
Emmett O'Reilly Vocals
Denis Rusk Guitar
Bart Cronin Guitar
Martin Greene Keyboards
Damian Corless Bass
Paul Angle Drums

At the Judge & Jury

Denis, Emmett & Martin were all formerly in The Citizens before forming New Career. Denis was also in Strougers before joining New Career, he would later join Cuba Dares & Venetian Blonde. Martin Greene & Damien would later join Montage.

Jeff Denis/Emmett, do you have any memories of your time with "New Career".

Denis Rusk Very few that you could publish!
Emmett O'Reilly Driving out to rehearsals in Portmarnock, stoned, with Echo & The Bunnymen blaring. Then rushing into the rehearsal room and trying to emulate it. Meanwhile, Alex, the roadie, would spend the rehearsals writing "Oi Loike New Career" in black marker, over every piece of equipment we had. That's what I mostly recall.
Denis Rusk That's about it in a nutshell
Emmett O'Reilly We did play to our biggest ever audience in Portmarnock. It was a scorching hot summer day and the rehearsal room, well insulated, was unbearable. We had the idea of setting up outside, then the drummer, Paul Angle, pointed out that his father owned the amusement arcade, right on the beachfront. So we hauled the gear across the road, ran some power leads out from the arcade and regaled the packed beach with a set. Next day, in work, at least 20 guys complimented me, saying they and their kids were reaching boredom point, as you do on the beach, and that our open-air gig was the perfect distraction. There were literally thousands of people on the beach and the vast majority came over to see us.
Emmett O'Reilly The six-piece line-up, Bass, drums, keyboards, 2 guitars and vocals, was unwieldy, we never defined a sound, it was all too loud. A bit better after Bart left but it was still a five-piece, then Paul tried to bring in a second keyboard player!
​Emmett talking about the "Judge & Jury"
Emmett O'Reilly Yes, we used to play there regularly, bringing in our loyal and thirsty local supporters, "The Peanut Gang", so the landlord (drove a Jag, well dodgy geezer, eventually burned the place down in an insurance scam) loved us. It was a real kip, guys shooting up in the loo...

Where Are They Now?

At this time I have no information on what the band members are doing now.

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