Bach Street Kids

Ireland 1978 

Line up;

Tom Mathews VVocals
Frank Issacson Guitar
Justin McCarthy Guitar
Brian O'Grady Bass
Declan Morrison Drums
Mike Moloney Sax 

The advert (above) is from "Hot Press" was drawn by Tom Mathews. Tom also worked for the "In Dublin" magazine.
Justin worked in the kitchen of "Captain America" on Grafton 
Street, flipping burgers with Charlie Hallinan (School Kids) & Anthony Kennedy "AK" of (Sacre Bleu). Justin went on to join High Society.
Mike would go on to become a late night DJ, "Moloney after midnight" on radio Nova.

Gig Guide

10/03/1978 Belfield L Theatre, Dublin

04/05/1978 Belfield L Theatre, Dublin. This is a lunchtime gig.

14/05/1978 Finglas West, Dublin with U2, Virgin Prunes, The School Kids.
Justin McCarthy It was somewhere in Finglas...a community center as far as I remember...I remember it 'cause I'd never heard of U2 and all these bored teenagers kept on waving their U2 badges at us while we were playing....when we finished Bono walked on and said ...'anyone here like the Boomtown Rats and did a Rats cover...can't remember the song though..
Tom Mathews We probably only played 10 gigs, a max of 15, and were used to playing in front of about 8 people. This promoter rang Justin & I, wanting 4 bands to play a charity concert for 300 people. The line up was to be the Virgin Prunes, (their first gig), the School Kids, a band that wore school uniforms on stage, and to my amazement U2. I say this because at the time I had never herd of them. We had only played 3 songs and the crowd kept shouting for U2. I said to Justin lets do that song we have been rehearsing (I can't remember the name of it). I said to the crowd, look we have played 3 songs for you, I won't you to do something for us. I'm going to count down from 10, when I get to 5, I want you to shout 4, 3, 2, 1, to my amazement they did it. Later as U2 took to the stage, this fabled Bono said to how did you get the crowd to react like that. I said you'll figure it out man.

05/08/1978 Phoenix Park Peace Festival, Dublin

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