The Assassins

Navan Rd, Dublin 1980

Line Up unknown

Is this the same band as the "Heavy Metal" band by the same name that appeared on the scene cia 1984?

Hot Press review by Gerald Siggins Dublin 1980; Dozens of young punky power pop fast new wave bands abound, some good – some awful. All playing within the narrow confines of their self imposed coffin.
Vaguely experimental bands can be counted on one hand – D.C. Nien, Modern Heirs, The Dormant Prunes, Tell Tale Heart and Human Dance Faction….. and now these two, the Assassins and Chant! Cant! Chant! The occasion is this “experimental” gig, which financially is a disaster – but bully for Chant for trying.
The 30 odd punters huddled close together to keep warm as the Assassins mounted the podium to receive their gold plated 1980 Magnet Olympics medal – an event marred by the mass boycott of 99.9999% of Dublin’s population. The Assassins are yet another of the crop from the fertile Navan Road, but are vastly different musically from stable mates. The only cover version delivered is Gary Numan/Tubeway Army’s “See You In My Vision”, and although this is obviously not done to gain credibility, they make an improvement on the original. Despite the nature of the band’s music, they use the classic bass/drums/guitar/vocals 4-piece line up – some interesting synthesises work outs are attempted on guitar. The guitarist is the band’s main asset, while the rhythm section is adequate. The vocalist is a graduate of the Bowie/Numan school, though only obtaining a pass degree.

where are they now?

At this time I have no information on what the band members are doing now.

Demo's & Recordings

At this time it is not known if this band recorded any demo tapes.

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