The Alsatians

Dublin 1979 - 1986

Line up;
Paul Hickey Vocals & Guitar
Crash Dixon Lead Guitar
Hank ? Bass
Tom O'Courtney Drums
Tom O'Hawk Trombone
George The Bulldog Sax
Timmy Doesn't Matter Trumpet

Gig Guide

Between the end of May 1980 & the end of September the Alsatians had a residency at Toners Bar in Dublin.
​From the end of October 1980 until the end of January 1981 the Alsatians had a Sunday night residency at the Magnet Bar, Dublin.

22/05/1981 Stardust Benefit, Liberty Hall with Chant! Chant! Chant! The Blades. This guy looks a little uncomfortable. He’s wearing an off white raincoat, with the collar up, and every so often he jerks about the stage as if he’s studied movement from “Stingray”. He’s a singer and guitarist with The Alsatians, name of The Hick.
The other members of the band, including the three piece brass section, do not wear raincoats – apparently they are unaware of the drastic effect the singer is having on gabardine sales throughout the country. Most of the time they’re too busy mixing ska and a lot of other elements together. And it would all be very ordinary if not for the mean swagger of the brass.
In the middle of the set they play one great song that ditches all influences, I can’t remember it’s name, though it infests the imagination. Hot Press review Ciaran Folan

where are they now?

At this time I have no information on what the band members are doing now.

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