Arthur Phybes Band
Ireland 1974 - 1978

Line up;
Scamill (Paul Keogh)Vocals
Pat Hamilton Guitar
Ronnie Harkness Guitar
Gary Eglington Bass
Brian Curran (Bun) Drums

Bushy Park poster, supplied by Fergus Murphy

In Feb 1978 Pete Bowers joined the band as the vocalist. Pete never played live with the band, he left after a month of rehearsals to leave for England and get married.Gary Eglington will join the "Defenders" a band set up to help raise money for "Heat" fanzine's legal battle with Paul McGunness, U2's manager. Gary still plays today with his band Soul Survivors.

Brian Curran would later be in Noise Boys, Resistors & Shy. Brian is still behind his drum kit today. Pat Hamilton formed a band called The Taxis with former members of the Noise Boys in August 1979. He also replaced Billy Morley on guitar with Revolver.

The band had a 3 year long Wednesday night residency at Baggot, playing to a full house every week. Their set would include Aqualung & Stairway To Heaven.

They also played a venue called Archie's on a regular basis. 

Gig Guide

On stage @ Baggot Inn '76. Picture supplied by Brian Curran, photo taken Sandra Boyd

28-29/08/1976 "Much More" Festival Mullingar with Full Circle, Clannad, Jimmy Slevin, Naima, Boomtown Rats

28/07/1976 Baggot Inn, Dublin

22/08/1976 Merrion Square with Jimmy Slevin, Noel Redding

22/09/1976 Baggot Inn, Dublin

20/10/1976 National Stadium with Dr Feelgood

17/12/1976 Moran's Hotel, Dublin
Peter McCluskey I just remembered I was in Moran's Hotel for a gig and a band called the Arthur Phybes Band were on. There was a film crew from RTE TV filming for a show called Simmer House....... didn't know what they were filming about... that is, until the following week when my mother hauled me in front of the TV and pointed at the screen, her fingers twisting the ear off my head...... Summer House was on the screen and it was doing a piece on youth culture and the rise of drugs in Dublin. I looked at the screen only to see myself and my mate Eamon Delaney throwing our heads around like mad yokes to the sound of the band. The voice over then announced ; "..... and it's venues like this one where drugs are being sold to the youth of the country..........." .... I spent two weeks trying to convince my mother I was not on drugs........... phew!!!
Brian CurranI remember it well I was in that band we didn't know either and we lost a lot of work down the country gas times..
Smiley Bolger Shower of feckers RTE ; Told us the Filming was for a program on Youth Culture . The Venu was forced to close soon after that ...$

09/01/1977 Baggot Inn, Dublin with Radiators From Space

 11/04/1977 St Fintan's School, Dublin with Rat Salad & U2 Gary Eglington I think they (The Hype) only supported us once, maybe twice, in the Baggott and then in St Fintan's! two things I remember about those gigs, one, was Bono, being very upset (really pissed off) at the the band for fucking up led Zep's "communication breakdown" and the that you couldn't see the back of the hall in St Fintan's, for the fog from the sweat of the audience! it was literally, a pea-souper!.

16/07/1977 Savoy, Galway

24/07/1977 Bushy Park Free Festival with Jimi Slevin Band, Saturday Night Swindle, Sackville String Band, Keenan Bros & F. Cassidy, Chateau, Max Quad Band.
The Max Quad Band were the only group to play on the day. Adam Clayton played bass on the first song off the day. They opened the festival, the rest of the day was rained off.

23/09/1977 Stardust Club, Cork

27/10/1977 Pennyfarthing, Drogheda

29/10/1977 Sardust, Cork with Mick Daly

08/12/1977 TCD lunchtime

14/03/1978 Baggot Inn, Dublin This was the bands farewell concert.

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