Dublin 1978 - 1982

Line Up;
Terry Finnegan Vocals
Vince Bowe Guitar
Paddy Conway Bass
Jackie Wilton Drums

AWOL started life playing Dublin youth clubs for free, by July 1980 they had a Wednesday night residency at the Parliament Inn. From August to September 1980 they were sharing a triple bill with The End and The Solid Gold. The headline slot was shared between "The End" & A.W.O.L.  By January 1981 they had a Wednesday night residency with the Portobello Band in the Parliament Inn.

They later recorded a 3 track demo which got some airplay. 

Image from In Dublin

Gig Guide;
AWOL entered the Tramore "Battle Of The Bands" @ the Tramore Carousel, in September 1980. First prise was a recording contract with Mulligan Records & £1,000. The competition was compared by RTE's Dave Heffernan & took place over a full week, Monday to Thursday being the knock out rounds & the final taking place on the Friday. Some of the bands taking part were:
The Experts, AWOL, The Fuze, The End, Double Vision,
Vain, Waves, Les Fruits, Katmandu, New Versions,
The Outfit, The Law Breakers
The competition was won by The Fuze, with The End coming second (claiming a £100 prise), with Double Vision & Katmandu coming 3rd & 4th.
Tramore review supplied by Cormac Wright A more unlikely setting for rock music would be hard to find. Yet, amid this kaleidoscope of carousels, hurdy gurdys, one armed bandits, two armed bandits and old bandits you damn well know the harsh, clanging sounds of guitars, drums and vocals were heard. Top of my pops were The Experts from Limerick and The End from Dublin. Why? Because they were great, that’s bloody why, and rock fans had a thimble full of savvy, these groups would get their just desserts instead of slogging their guts out.
If The Experts were from Liverpool or Helsinki, instead of the arse end of Munster, they’d be feted and heaped with plaudits. These boys (and girl) can sing soulfully, in tune, even in harmony, nay even when they are playing guitars. And if you listened to their songs, you’d forget that the Third World War even existed. It doesn’t exist! The Experts have saved the world!
But that’s not all. They are serious when they say that their biggest influence has been their mums and dads, and (wait for it) they used to do a cover version of (this’ll kill ya) “Tracks Of My

 Tears”. With that rhythm section? If they continue thus, I see nothing standing in the way ot their realising that burning ambition to play 50 gigs.  The End continue to improve drastically. In poetic terms, their progress resembles that of a spiral staircase, which at the start of its long, relentless climb, barely rises above the ground, but which goes up, then up again, then further up again than that, even until it reaches to Heaven. Heaven, as we know, is a place where nothing ever happens, and to me, The End are embroiling their souls in a quest for Samuel Beckett’s concept of Nothingness. So much so, that Tom Dunne has all but become Samuel Beckett, and Tom... enjoy your hundred smackers.The Fuze made a similar impression, maybe because like the End, their music reminds me of a mountain stream, ascending inexorably to the top of Croagh Patrick.

Image supplied by Johnny Bonnie


Where Are they now?

At this time I have no information on what the band members are doing now.

Demo's & Recordings

"Heroes Welcome", "Late Night TV Show", "No Time"
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