A Terre

Dublin 1981 - 1984

Line up;
Finbarr O'Farrell Vocals & Guitar
Trish O'Farrell Keyboards
Jerry Brady Bass

During March/April A Terre were the middle band on a 3 band bill at Dublin's Ivy Rooms, headliners were The Low with Atonomy were bottom band. The band are known to have recorded a demo tape, it was reviewed in Vox#11. If you have a copy of this or of the demo please get in touch. Fibarr & Trish are related (brother & sister, I think) They regularly supported The Low in the Ivy Rooms.

where are they now?

At this time I have no information on what the band members are doing now.

Demo's & Recordings

A poorly recorded Demo tape was reviewed in Vox fanzine (#11) in 1983.

Tracking listing

Sam’s Cross, The Chain & The Rope, Our Loss At Beal Na Blath, Leaves For The Burning, Entering Free Derry, On Our Knees, Release Her.

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