A Further Room

Dublin 1981 - 198?

Line up;
Paul Redmond Vocals
Mark Fleming Guitar
David Christie Bass
Stephan Tracu Drums

Formed by Paul & David, both of whom had been in the Alternatives. The band moved to London in either 1981 or 1982, their debut & only single was recorded in London in 1982. The band also recorded a 3 track demo at Dublin's Windmill Studio, see the Demo's page for more details.

Stephen left the band before they left for London, he got a job with the Irish civil service.

Paul Redmond we used a drum machine when Stephen left...was good enough for the Bunnymen...we taut.
We played a few gigs in London, the Cartoon in West Croydon.. cant remember a lot ..was out of it most of the time...in the end the place was robbed during the Brixton riots..our gear was taken by the rioters ..


Where Are They Now?

At this time I have no information on what the members of this band are doing now.

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