This site site is dedicated too all those that took part in the explosion of the Irish music scene from 1976 - 1981.
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The aim of this site is to document the early career of U2, from their first appearance at Mountemple School until the end of the "Boy" tour in 1981. I also want to document as many of the Irish bands from that time period as possible, many of these bands such as Radiators From Space, Boomtown Rats, The Atrix, The Blades, D. C. Nien, The Vipers, Revolver recorded some great tunes, that are lost in the fog of time. I aim to have as many of these tracks as I can uploaded onto the "Demos & Recordings section of this site.

Dublin in 1976 (Ghostown)

Unlike London/Manchester/Liverpool/Birmingham etc in the UK, Dublin was more like the post war 50's. There was no music industry too speak off, only Thin Lizzy & Horslips had made it out of Ireland and onto the world stage. No music papers such as Melody Maker/Sounds or NME existed. There was no "Pop/Rock" Radio Stations & the Irish Showbands dominated the touring circuit.

Karl Tsigdinos (Hot Press reporter & DJ with Dublin City FM & RTE Gold) "If anyone asked me to describe Dublin in the 1970's, I would have handed them a copy of Ghostown".

"No Irish band has ever attempted anything as ambitious as Ghostown, and no one ever will. Why should it? It has been done and, like Pet Sounds, it's a monument forever."
George Byrne, Sunday Times, 1998

Ghostown is the title of the Radiators From Space's ground breaking & much acclaimed second album.


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